Direct Cargo Service Between Singapore – Maldives & Port Kelang – Maldives

Ref: MSS/2022/PR/05
07 May 2022

We are pleased to inform our valuable stakeholders of our plans to start direct cargo service
between Maldives and the Southeast Asian ports of Singapore and Port Kelang, Malaysia. This
service is expected to commence starting from July 2022 with the delivery of the newly acquired
vessel for MSS fleet، “MSS Graphene”.
“MSS will continue to expand its services to other sectors, and we have chosen Singapore Port
and Port Klang, Malaysia to the Maldives as our next trading area. We further have plans to
expand the direct cargo service to the ports of the middle east in the near future.”
– Captain Abdullah Saeed: – Managing Director –
MSS initially started off its operations with a chartered vessel of 1118 TEUs capacity and later
shifted the operations to our own vessel “MSS Galena” starting from November 2021. MSS
Galena is a multipurpose / container vessel with a capacity of 680 TEUs. This vessel runs a regular
10-day schedule between Maldives and Colombo. Our current services include:
 Liner Service
 Feeder Operations
 NVOCC (Non-Vessel Operating Common Carrier) Operations
 Freight Forwarding
 Ship Agency Service
Our services are available from key ports of the Asian and Gulf region.
We take this opportunity to thank our customers for their support and understanding.
For further information, you may kindly reach us at +960 7321155 or