Celebration of the Day of the Seafarer 2024


Maldives State Shipping (MSS) proudly celebrated the Day of the Seafarer by honoring its dedicated crew across its fleet. In a heartfelt gesture of appreciation, MSS office staff visited three of their vessels, MSS Galena, MSS Chrome and MV Barrier to join the celebrations and personally hand over gifts to the crew members.

The visits took place on June 25th, with the office staff boarding the MSS vessels to engage with the crew and acknowledge their hard work and dedication. The Day of the Seafarer, observed annually, recognizes the unique and vital role that seafarers play in the global economy and maritime industry.

The festivities were not limited to the three visited vessels. The crews of the other two MSS vessels, MSS Graphene and MSS Opal also celebrated the day onboard, ensuring that every member of the MSS family felt valued and appreciated.

During the celebrations, MSS staff handed over gifts to the crew as tokens of gratitude. These gifts symbolized MSS’s recognition of the crew’s relentless efforts and their contribution to the company’s success.

MSS remains committed to the welfare and recognition of its seafarers, continually striving to provide a supportive and appreciative work environment. The celebration of the Day of the Seafarer is a testament to MSS’s ongoing efforts to acknowledge and value its employees’ pivotal roles.

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