MSS Vessel Can Carry 700 Containers – STO

STO has announced that Maldives State Shipping (MSS) will be using a 20 feet, 700 containers vessel.

The very first MSS vessel is scheduled to reach Maldives by 5th April 2020 from Colombo, Sri Lanka.

STO informs that this vessel will carry reefer containers as well.

Maldives State Shipping (MSS), is a new shipping and logistics company launched in 2020, offering an extensive liner shipping service both internationally and locally.

MSS’ liner services will be the gateway for efficient shipping solution in the Maldives. MSS’ regular, and reliable operation will lead to reduced freight costs, thereby lowering the prices of overall goods and services.

MSS is an initiative by President Ibrahim Mohamed Solih, to transform the Maldives economy to benefit both businesses and its citizens.

The Maldives has a proud history of once possessing the largest shipping fleet in the region. MSS’ current aim is to recreate once again and reclaim the title in the region successfully. Backed by a professional and experienced team, the focus will be to transform MSS into the pride of Maldives, the flag of Maldives once again flying proudly on vessels as they travel across the globe.

MSS is owned by State Trading Organization (STO), a successful state-owned public company in operation for over 50 years, with many thriving subsidiaries, joint ventures and associates under its umbrella.

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