MSS Container vessel arrives to Addu with cargo.

The most recently acquired addition to Maldives State Shipping (MSS)’s fleet, MSS Opal has arrived in Addu city on 21 October 2023, marking an important moment of trade connections in the region. She is a geared semi container vessel with a capacity of 105TEUs and a deadweight of 1,553 Tonnes. MSS Opal is set to revolutionize the domestic transportation network of the Maldives.

MSS Opal will sail on a regular 10 days’ voyage between Addu and Malé at first, enhancing trade between Malé and the Southern Ports. There are future plans by MSS to connect Malé with the northern ports of the Maldives, once the southern market is fully developed.

MSS Opal, equipped with its own crane, has solved the long-standing challenge of a lack of crane facilities at Addu City’s harbor, ensuring smoother operations and facilitating the transfer of goods.

Managing Director of MSS, Captain Mohamed Nazim accentuates that this vessel’s arrangement will eliminate challenges in transporting goods, enhance food security during adverse weather, and create a reliable and cost-effective means of supplying essential items to the southern islands.

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