MSS: will start voyages to Malaysia, Singapore with new ship

Maldives State Shipping (MSS) revealed that with the addition of a new container boat, direct voyages will be made to Singapore and Malaysia.

According to MSS, the boat will be brought to Maldives in July, and would start trips to harbors of Malaysia and Singapore.

Currently, MSS Galena the ship has been travelling between Maldives and Colombo.

Additionally, the company estimates that the bulk carrier purchased by them to arrive within a weeks’ time.

Similar to Galena, the new ship would also be able to accommodate 680 containers.

After announcing the purchase of the new ship on May 17, MSS has also opened applications for new employment opportunities in connection to the vessel.

The opportunities include engineering positions, electricians and masters. Salaries for these posts are between MVR 38,000 to MVR 115,000.

Further positions include seamen, chefs, mess boys, welders and oilers. Wages for these posts are between MVR 15,000 and 19,000.

MSS is a shipping and logistics company that was launched in 2020, offering extensive international liner shipping services. The company is owned by State Trading Organization (STO). 


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